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Hi I’m Kelly Medford, an American living and working as a plein air painter in Italy since 2005. I have been painting and sketching out on the streets of Italy daily as my way of getting to know the country, its people, history, culture and sights as well as enjoy my love of painting and drawing. Artists and non-artists alike have been keeping sketchbook journals of their travels through Italy and Europe for centuries and I am honored and excited to continue this long standing tradition. That is why in 2012 I started Sketching Rome Tours as a way to offer this experience to everyone.

Having the opportunity to create your own sketchbook journal while visiting Rome is not only a unique experience, but one that you will cherish and remember always. No need to be an artist, architect or otherwise experienced at drawing. When you sit and observe a place while recording your own personal memories of that day, these memories will be more vivid than any photograph of your trip.

I encourage you to engage with me and ask me anything you’d like about myself or the tour, I’m happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have. You can also see my paintings and learn more about me on my personal website

I look forward to sketching Rome with you.